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jack blue.


Design by -> Laura Voet (www.lauravoet.com)

Concept by -> Pit-Foodconcepts

In association with -> Theo Konings

Jack is adventurous, rebellious & one with nature

Jack is thinking blue. He is always on the lookout for treasures from nature. With his backpack on his back and machete by hand, he is exploring nature by foot. His goal? Discovering new ingredients and learn how to treat this ingredients like mother nature intended.

Nature is smart and revolutionary

Everything we need is already there! Go exploring and take a good look around. Pay attention, show respect and mother nature will show here treasures. Jack succeeded, just by looking at natural ingredients with the right mindset. He found some awesome tea ingredients along the way!

 Jack Blue is a social brand on a mission

Jack Blue understands how mother nature intended her creations. Everything she created is there for a reason. The way she composed natural ingredients is no coincidence but we (all of us) did not always see.

You just have to be able to see it! Not everyone can…..luckily Jack can. The Jack Blue brand is here to make a difference by upcycling wasted ingredients and adding blue thinking to the cacao chain.

By working together throughout the product chain we can create impact together.

Thinking blue – upcycling

Jack is Blue. Blue is not just a colour for him, it is a way of life. Blue thinking means circular thinking and acting on it. Jack sees things blue. Jack listened to his inner feeling and discovered some circular opportunities in the chocolate making process. He saw that cacao bean husks (the outer shell of a cacao bean) were discarded in large amounts during this process.

Premifying waste – Let’s make a change

Jack collected the cacao bean husks and put time and effort in upcycling the cacao bean husks. Jack’s discarded cacao bean husks were wasted before. Not anymore!

The cacao bean husks are now the main component in his brand-new cacao husk tea products! It creates a chocolate tea experience you have never tasted before!This way we are transforming waste into taste.

Jack Blue products

Jack is producing:

Cacao husk tea – made of pure (single origin) cacao husks

Cacao husk tea – made of cacao husks and premium black or green tea

Cacao husk tea – made of cacao husks and premium black or green tea + natural flavours

All products can be used as: HOT TEA, ICED TEA

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